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Headache When I Orgasm

When you orgasm, you may get a headache. This is not uncommon, though many people are hesitant to talk about it. It’s important to know about this so you can…

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Why Do I Orgasm in My Sleep?

Men and women who have trouble reaching climax in real life can experience orgasms while asleep. This is a sign that the unconscious mind is satisfying unfulfilled sexual desires. Sleep…

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Why Is It Hard to Pee After Orgasm?

Many people have heard that it’s important to pee after sex. However, not everyone knows why. During orgasm, the parasympathetic nervous system releases vasocongestion. This causes the blood vessels in…

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How to Ruin an Orgasm

Ruined orgasms are a common kink in BDSM and can be highly erotic for some partners. It involves building someone up to the point of orgasm and then stopping stimulation…

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Ruined Orgasms

For those unfamiliar with the kink, it might seem strange that some people enjoy deliberately ruining orgasms. But it’s actually a popular method for asserting dominance in BDSM play. It…

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What is Orgasm Anxiety?

For some people, orgasm anxiety can be a very real hurdle to enjoying and sharing sensual pleasure. There are several things that can cause this, including underlying mental health issues…

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What is an Anal Orgasm?

Whether using their own finger, a sex toy, or a penis, many cis and trans people report finding anal play pleasurable. In fact, stimulating the anus can be more intense…

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How to Have a Male Anal Orgasm

Men and people AFAB have a G spot, or prostate, that feels good when stimulated. It’s a walnut-sized gland that’s surrounded by nerves. It also ejects semen, so anal penetration…

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Post Orgasm Torture

Post orgasm torture is an intense form of play that involves stimulating the clitoral area after a person has reached orgasm. This is a common practice in BDSM and is…

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