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How to Have Hands Free Orgasm

If you’re used to repetitive stroking or penetration to reach orgasm, you may need a bit of time to get your groove on without the help of your hands. Queue up some sexy porn or erotic audio and get to work!

Many kinksters are experimenting with a new form of pleasure: hands free orgasm. It’s a wholly touch-free technique that relies on your brain to trigger those tingles and waves.

1. Breathing

Getting hands free orgasm can be a challenge but it’s possible with practice. You’ll need to be mindful of what turns you on and try different techniques until you find one that works for you. You can experiment with hands-free orgasm techniques by yourself or with a partner, and it’s important to have patience with yourself and listen to your body as you work through this experience.

Using your breath to get orgasm is a great way to stimulate your genitals without physically touching them. Try clenching and unclenching your muscles in the pelvic area, or doing Kegel exercises to increase arousal. You can also try external friction by stroking your erogenous zones with a soft scarf, pillowcase, sports jersey or fur.

Another way to increase arousal is to watch sexy videos or read sexy literature, or use a sexy ice cream or milkshake as a toy. If you’re with a partner, try kisses, nibbles and light penetration to initiate foreplay and build intimacy. Many people have reported orgasms from oral sex, so don’t be afraid to let your lips do the work.

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2. Visualization

The key to achieving a hands-free orgasm is to have an open mind and be willing to try new techniques. “Even though it might seem counterintuitive, a hands-free orgasm can be as sexy and satisfying as the typical hand-on methods,” says adult performer and licensed therapist Jet Setting Jasmine. “There’s a whole other world of pleasure that you can access through other parts of your body, including the mouth.”

For example, you could try hands-free oral sex or put on a vibrator while you lay down and relax. You can even explore tantric sex, which offers an array of techniques to connect with your sexual energy and orgasm.

Moreover, you can also use visualization to help reach your goal. Visualize your favorite sexy fantasy, and let your imagination guide you through the experience. You can do this alone or with a partner. Just remember that it’s not a quick process, so be patient and stick with it. Eventually, you’ll be able to achieve a hands-free orgasm. With practice, it can become more natural and exciting than traditional masturbation.

3. Edging

You know the standard ejaculatory orgasm, the prostate orgasm, and even the blended (ejaculatory and pelvic) orgasm, but did you know that men can reach hands-free climax? Whether you are trying to achieve this alone or with a partner, the key is to have an open mind and let go of your go-to masturbation techniques.

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One technique is to use cuffs or rope to tie your partner’s hands together or behind their back so they can’t reach for each other. Other options include kissing, biting, moaning in their ear, and more. You can also try sex toys with or without their consent to create friction against their erogenous zones.

Be sure to get them aroused before attempting any of these hands-free techniques, says Queen. Watch a sexy movie, listen to sexy music, have dirty talk, or do whatever else gets them in the mood. This will help their bits become flooded with blood and more sensitive to the hands-free pleasure technique they are using. And remember, if you aren’t in the same room as your partner, it’s important to use a barrier method because once their clothes come off, pregnancy and STI transmission is a risk.

4. Muscle Squeezes

Depending on the muscle group being targeted, you can squeeze and tighten them until they’re taut for 5-7 seconds, then relax them to release the tension. Try concentrating on only one muscle group at a time and get better with practice.

If you want to go hands free but still need some physical stimulation, use a sex toy and lube and hold it against your partner’s thigh or chest — if they consent. Oral sex can also be a great way to orgasm without touching anything, and some people even experience orgasms when giving oral sex to another person.

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Remember, it takes patience to reach a hands free orgasm. If you’re not used to masturbating with a partner or doing hands free pleasure techniques, it might take longer than usual to reach climax. Be patient, keep trying new techniques and listen to your body. If a technique doesn’t feel right, move on to something else. It’s all about finding what turns you on! And hey, you may not orgasm at all. That’s okay too!

5. Meditation

The brain is dubbed the sex organ for a reason, and it’s important to tap into its euphoric sensations when trying to have hands-free orgasms. Watch a sexy video or read erotic material to get yourself in the mood, and focus on deep breathing to calm your mind and increase blood flow to your penis, Queen says.

Listening to sexy audio or having dirty talk with a partner can also turn your bits on and give you that boost of arousal you need to reach hands-free climax. It might take time to find a technique that works for you, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t reach hands-free climax immediately.

A wet dream is another way to reach heady hands-off heights, as is flexing the erogenous zones of your body, from your nipples to your genitals, and using remote controlled vibrators or dry humping on pillows. You can also try a deep orgasmic breath to stimulate the chakras, which are energy centers found throughout your body. Finally, erotic hypnosis can lead to orgasms and climaxes, though it might not be for everyone.