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How to Orgasm on Command

For some submissives, simply imagining their Dominant ordering them to come is enough to stimulate an orgasm. This is a form of sexual neuro-conditioning.

Conditioning like this takes time, but it works! Just as Pavlov’s dogs learned to associate certain sounds with being fed, so too can submissives. This will require the trainer to be patient and consistent.

Counting Down

For many couples, orgasms are a natural part of the sex experience. However, if you and your partner find that you struggle to get to the point of orgasm, it can be a very erotic and intense experience to push through to orgasm on command.

Counting down can be done in various ways to create the right atmosphere and build arousal. For instance, you can invite your partner to your place on a day that she has a spinning or yoga class beforehand, because these activities are known to increase arousal in women. You can also tell her to sit on your lap and ask her to bare her breasts, as this can help her climax more easily.

It’s also possible to use a vibrator or other stimulating object and make your partner tell you, on a scale of one to 10, how close they are to orgasm. Once they have reached about an eight or nine, you can begin to slow the countdown, giving them time to arouse and come closer to orgasm before you make them stop.

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Another interesting method is to simply stop stroking or stimulating for a few seconds, then start again. This teases your body’s arousal and extends the pleasure of your orgasm. As a bonus, it helps you both learn to work together.


For some, the idea of being hypnotized and subjected to erotic suggestions is pretty kinky. And even if you don’t want to orgasm on command, the hypnotist can still give you a deep state of relaxation that may make you more relaxed and open to other kinky things down the road.

Hypnosis isn’t guaranteed to work on anyone, though. There are a number of things that can interfere with hypnotism and cause you to snap out of your trance faster than others. Not trusting your hypnotist, being too turned on to relax, or having too many other things going on can all make it more difficult to go into the trance.

If you’re planning on hypnotizing someone else, make sure they’re up for it. “You can only hypnotize people who want to be hypnotized and who are able to enter the trance,” Riley says. “If they’re not, it won’t work for them.”

Hypnotism requires a certain level of trust between you and your subject, but you’ll also need to know how to phrase your suggestions in a way that will trigger the right response. As a rule, the magic words that can trigger orgasm are short, single-syllable phrases. It’s not just what the words are, but also how you say them and what tone of voice you use. For example, KnyghtMare uses a very commanding tone when he’s training me to orgasm on command.

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Using Your Voice

One of the most effective ways to orgasm on command is by using your voice. This can be done either alone or with a partner and is not just for submissives. It works just like Pavlov’s bell and food – the sound of a specific tone or word causes a physical reaction in the brain.

When training to orgasm on command, it is important to use a variety of techniques. Some of them include a countdown, hypnosis, visualization, and even sex. It’s also important to remember that the words you choose and the tone of your voice are just as powerful as any other tool in your toolbox. For example, if you’re training with KnyghtMare and he calls out “one, two, three,” his commanding tone will make it work much more effectively than if he just said those numbers in casual conversation.

You can also try to stimulate the orgasm with sexy thoughts, ideas, or fantasies and then imagine your body releasing. This technique can take some practice, but once you get the hang of it, it’s a lot of fun and can be very intense and stimulating. For example, one of our trainers pictured herself urinating and it led to an orgasm that was longer than any she had experienced previously. It’s all about finding a way to push the limit of what your mind can do.

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One of the best ways to train yourself to orgasm on command is through visualization. It’s not only a great way to stay focused and mindful of what your body is feeling, but it also helps you to connect with erotic thoughts. Studies have shown that people who have a harder time staying focused on erotic thoughts have a much more difficult time reaching orgasm.

Another easy way to orgasm on command is through verbal commands. You can count down from 10, for example, or use a specific word or action to trigger orgasm. This method can be a bit more challenging to master, but it is effective for many people. It’s important to remember that it’s not just the words themselves that work, but the tone of voice that is used as well.

You can also use this technique with a partner and get them to help you visualize your orgasm. This will give you both the opportunity to become familiar with what triggers your orgasms and will also help your partner learn what they can do to encourage you to orgasm on command. For instance, they may stop stimulating your clitoris as you reach orgasm and instead move to other areas of the body such as caressing your breasts or running their fingers along your thighs.