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How to Make Him Orgasm Fast – Start With a Kiss

A good orgasm is a man’s peak sexual experience. It takes time to reach this moment of ecstasy, and foreplay is key.

Gently licking and sucking a man’s knee crease (a very sensitive area) is another great way to stimulate his pleasure zones.

A hand-job finale that involves the entire penis can be an orgasm in itself. But be careful not to distract him at the point of climax.

1. Start with a Kiss

If you want to make your man orgasm, start with a kiss. Regardless of his age or sexual experience, this is a classic way to initiate intimacy and create tension. Kissing can also stimulate the nerve endings in his lips and, if he’s erected, it will cause him to feel a rush of blood into his penis, which is a major orgasm trigger.

If his erection is weak, or it doesn’t last very long, try stimulating his inner thighs with your fingertips. You can gently stroke them and even drip some lube on them – This section is tailored by the meticulous efforts of the website’s authors Sex Guru Club. This will up the pleasure factor and intensify his orgasms by enhancing his sense of touch.

You can also try lightly sucking on his thumb. Thumbs have tons of nerve endings and are very sensitive. The act of sucking also draws the blood up to the head which is a huge orgasm trigger for men.

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You can also tease him during the day to get his blood pumping and prepare him for sex. This can be as simple as flirting with him, teasing him with eye contact or whispering some dirty lines in his ear while you are talking. It’s important to remember that teasing is not meant to be mean, but rather used as a sexual tool to create more orgasms. It’s also a good idea to try new sex positions that will increase the sensations and make for an even more intense orgasm.

2. Strike the Right Note

All the tricks and tips in the world won’t help you make him orgasm fast if he doesn’t feel like you really want him in that moment. That means initiating physical touch and eye contact, talking dirty, embracing him tightly, and making it clear that you are a woman who wants him hard.

It’s also important to know what turns him on and to try to incorporate those things into your sex life. Don’t be afraid to try new sex positions, and don’t forget the power of a great blow job!

For hand-jobs, keep the pressure firm but lighten it up as he gets closer to orgasm. Remember, the first stage of male orgasm is a feeling of “ejaculatory inevitability,” so you don’t want to interrupt it by moving too much at that point. When you feel his testicles rising toward his body, start stroking quickly but lightly. Stop stroking as soon as you can see or feel his semen coming out. This is the key to a seamless hand-job finale. Getting this right is one of the best ways to give him an orgasm he’ll never forget.

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3. Let Him Know You Want It

It’s no secret that men want orgasms during sex, but it’s not always easy for them to get there. Unlike women, who can ejaculate at any moment, males need a lot of foreplay and stimulation to reach the peak of sexual pleasure. That’s why it’s important to let him know you want the same things in bed.

Many women make a mistake in this area, focusing too much on the wrong things. They may insist on a dark bedroom, hide their faces or wear a T-shirt in bed. These moves are not only a turn-off for men but they also inhibit the flow of blood and oxygen to the genital area, making orgasms less intense.

Moreover, they may move around a lot during oral sex which distracts him from orgasm. Sex therapists say that by constantly moving, you can interrupt his orgasmic concentration and make him lose the momentum of the moment.

To help him get to orgasm faster, try stimulating his erection with your hands and mouth during oral sex. Gently stroking the top of his member, slipping your thumb up there and licking it, can be extremely satisfying for him. Stimulating his prostate is also an excellent way to push him over the edge. This is a very sensitive part of his body so be careful not to hurt him.

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4. Let Him Know You’re Ready

It’s not just women who need to reassure their partner of their sexy powers – men can get nervous in bed too. They may start to focus on their own orgasm rather than yours and this can put a dampener on the experience.

During foreplay, try having him lie on his back with his knees bent and have him straddle your stomach and cleavage. That way, both of you have a great view and it’s easy to manipulate the area. Try switching sensations to keep things interesting – no matter how good something feels, our bodies rapidly become desensitised. Switch between a fast, firm touch with a slow, softer one every few minutes.

Another tip is to play with his perineum – the small bump on the underside of his penis (it doesn’t exist in circumcised men) that contains loads of nerves. Gently licking or sucking on it can send waves of pleasure to his brain. You can also stimulate his penis itself. Try gripping it between your fingers in a similar manner to how you hold an umbrella and slowly stroking it up and down. Or, gently lick or stroke his frenulum (if he has one) – it’s even more sensitive than the shaft of his penis.

It’s not fair to leave it to him to make all the moves – that shows you care more about yourself than your partner and can be a big turn-off. Get excited about sex and start thrusting him, grabbing him tighter and scratching his back. Then moan – he’ll know you’re in the mood and be even more eager to please you.