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What Does it Mean to Date Someone?

Dating can be complicated and confusing. It can also be frustrating and disappointing if you’re not in the right place at the right time.

Some people date for fun, while others do it for serious relationships. And some people do it for sex, although this is usually frowned upon.

But what does it mean to date someone?

1. It should feel fun.

Whether you’re playing the field or dating someone exclusively, it’s important to have clarity about where you’re at in the relationship. Otherwise, you’ll be in that limbo of uncertainty where it could either be hanging out or an exclusive union, and neither is necessarily a bad thing as long as your intention is clear.

For instance, if you’re dating someone who keeps saying they’re just friends with benefits or Netflix and chill, it’s a sign that they’re not serious about you. This can be hard to swallow, but it’s something that needs to be said to avoid confusion and unnecessary heartache.

2. It should feel easy.

If you’re dating someone, it shouldn’t feel complicated. You should be able to spend time with them without worrying about what you’re going to say or how you’re going to look. You should also be able to have fun together without feeling pressured to make things work in the long-term.

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If you’re dating someone, you should be able to have some public displays of affection (pDA) such as kissing and holding hands in front of your friends. You should also be able to talk about future plans for you and your partner. This is the sign of a committed relationship.

3. It should feel calming.

Dating is an exciting, nerve-wracking, and awe-inspiring experience. It should also feel calming in the way that it helps you get to know yourself and your potential partner better.

Whether it’s rehashing a text message in the middle of the day or envisioning your future together, you should have a sense of yearning and excitement when you think about this person. Often, this is how you know that you’re falling in love.

However, it’s important to remember that just because you’re spending time with someone doesn’t mean that you’re in a relationship. You need to have a frank conversation about what you want out of this relationship.

4. It should feel inspiring.

It’s no secret that the beginning stages of dating can be an emotional roller coaster. From wondering whether they think you’re cute to sending screenshots of their cute texts to your BFF, the highs and lows can be exhausting for over-analyzers everywhere.

But it should also feel inspiring, especially if you can picture yourself spending the rest of your life with them. When they take up a lot of real estate in your thoughts, you think about them throughout the day, and public displays of affection (PDA) are natural for you both, that’s a sign that you may be falling for someone.

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5. It should feel exciting.

When you find someone you like and spend time with them, it should feel exciting. It doesn’t have to be sexy all the time, but it should be fun and stimulating.

It should be a time to get to know one another and learn about each other’s interests, passions, and goals. It should also be a time to flirt, but make sure to not go overboard.

It’s important to verbally check in with your partner about whether you’re dating, playing the field, sexually exclusive, or in a committed relationship. It’s always better to have that awkward conversation about it instead of leaving things in the dark and wondering if you’re on the same page.

6. It should feel empowering.

Many people use the terms seeing someone and dating in a very vague sense, and this can lead to confusion. In general, seeing someone implies that you are casually hanging out with them but are not exclusive.

Dating is when you are spending time with someone with the intent of figuring out if there is potential for a serious relationship. This is a time of exploration and can involve many emotions, including uncertainty, hope, and frustration.

A relationship is a commitment to spend your life together. This can include sharing finances, living arrangements, and other personal details. It can also include physical intimacy.

7. It should feel enlightening.

Depending on what someone’s goals in life are, dating can mean something different. Some people are more interested in casual relationships, while others may be looking for a serious commitment.

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Trying to determine what you’re after can lead to some confusion, but don’t be afraid to experiment with dating to figure out what works for you. If your date is constantly ghosting you, that’s probably a good indication that they’re not interested in finding lasting love.

It’s important to know what you want in a partner before you jump into anything too fast. Dating can help you find that perfect match.

8. It should feel confusing.

Whether or not you are in love, it’s okay to be confused about your relationship. This is because dating is simply getting to know someone while deciding if it may lead to being in a relationship with them.

A guy who isn’t sure he wants to date you may not be as consistent in his texting, or may not include you in their social life or introduce you to friends and family. These are signs he isn’t serious about you yet.

Being in a relationship means that you are no longer dating other people and you are moving towards a committed future together.

9. It should feel daring.

Guys often have a different view of dating than women. To them, it can mean a lot of things, from casually hanging out to hooking up. Some may even use it as a way to network or to gain access to personal information that they can exploit.

Other guys simply use it as a means to have sex. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it can be frustrating for women who want a serious relationship. Either way, it’s important to communicate with your date about what you both expect from the relationship. This will help avoid any misunderstandings down the line.