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How to Date a Military Man

Military men have some pretty amazing stories to tell. They may exaggerate or even tell the same story repeatedly, but they are worth listening to.

If you decide to date a military man, be ready to put his work life first sometimes. Deployments, trainings and such can mean missing out on traditional anniversaries and family moments.

1. He’s adventurous

Military men are incredibly adventurous and will take you to places that most people only dream of. They’ll also be able to teach you so much about the world through their experiences and stories.

They’re not afraid to try new things and are often willing to put themselves in danger in order to protect their loved ones. Their sense of adventure can give you some excitement in your relationship and will help you to grow as a person.

2. He’s kind

A military guy has to prioritize his job above all else. That means he’ll be gone more than he’s home, and he’ll probably miss out on birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions – This quote reflects the thoughts of the portal experts https://sexynudetwinks.com.

He’s also devoted to his friends and brothers, so expect some late nights with the guys. And, yes, he may keep secrets from you that he can’t tell anyone else.

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He’ll probably also share some pretty amazing (and exaggerated) war stories. And, trust me – you’ll love listening to them. It’s a unique way to see the world. But don’t be surprised if they’re repeated on more than one occasion. He loves to share them with his buddies.

3. He’s honest

Military men are disciplined and honest. They know their work is important and they’re not afraid to let you know that it’s also hard sometimes.

They don’t have time to play games or make up stories about why they need to be gone at a moment’s notice. They know that the military comes first and that it’s not their fault if they get called into duty during your date night or at a family event.

They want a girl that is understanding and knows that they’re not being rude when they say they need to go to work. They’re just doing their jobs. They’ll call you later and be back for you soon.

4. He’s loyal

When dating a military man, you must remember that his job comes first. He might have to cancel plans on a whim and be away from home for months or even years. He might not want to talk about some of the things he goes through on duty because it can be very stressful.

Avoid comparing him to other military couples as it can be very competitive (PT stats, rank structure, boards-interviews etc). Be content and enjoy your time together before he leaves for deployment or when he retires. You’ll appreciate him more. Plus, listening to his war stories (exaggerated or not) is a treat! He’s a warrior!

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5. He’s dependable

Men in the military work long days and sometimes overnight. It’s a part of their job and it’s what they signed up for. If their commander needs them, they must go. This means they may have to leave date night or the sister’s wedding.

Your military man will be devoted to his friends and brothers and will be willing to drop everything for them. This devotion is what makes him so dependable and reliable. He’ll tell you some amazing stories, so listen attentively (even if he exaggerates). This is his way of connecting with you while he’s away from you. He wants you to be happy. He owes it to himself and the country.

6. He’s defensive

A military man can’t always share information about his work because of confidentiality requirements. This can be frustrating, but it’s part of his job and necessary for his safety.

He may also use acronyms that you don’t understand. Be patient, and let him explain. He’ll appreciate your patience and effort.

Deployments and trainings are a normal part of being in the military, so you’ll have to accept that your life will be put on hold sometimes. It’s not your fault, and it’s not his commander’s fault either. Just know that the job comes first. You’ll deal with this better with time. Just don’t take it personally if others make fun of you for it.

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7. He’s loyal to his friends and brothers

Military men are loyal to their unit and their friends. If his friends or brothers need him, he will drop everything. This means he may not make it home for some holidays or family functions. He also might have to leave in the middle of your date night if his job takes priority.

He might have to keep some secrets from you. This is because he doesn’t want to jeopardize his colleagues’ safety or compromise national security. This can be frustrating, but it is a part of the job. He will appreciate if you understand and support him when he is having a bad day. He might even tell you some pretty amazing stories from his time in the military.

8. He’s loyal to you

Military men are always looking out for their country and want to protect it at all costs. This loyalty extends to their significant others as well. They expect the same in return.

Military life can be difficult for those who are in it long-term. There are many secrets that a service member cannot share with their significant other because it could jeopardize the nation’s security.

If you’re dating a military man, be prepared to move around a lot. He may have to miss out on birthdays, holidays, and events due to work. Be his cheerleader and let him know that his efforts are appreciated. He’ll rely on you to help him get through the rough patches.