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What Happens on the Third Date?

Many women think that by the third date they’ll know if they like someone enough to be exclusive. However, for guys this is still getting-to-know-each-other territory.

It’s also not a good idea to put too much meaning into the third date. Placing too much pressure can make you feel anxious or cause you to give up too soon.

1. You’re getting to know each other

Hopefully by the third date you’ve got a good idea of what your date is all about. You’ve probably had more serious conversations than your first two dates and you’re texting each other a lot more now. So you know a bit more about their hobbies, likes and dislikes. You’ve probably also found out more about their family and friends, too.

It’s also a great time to do something active on your date. A hike, picnic or visit to a museum are all fun activities that will allow you to get to know your date better. You’ll be able to see their reactions in different environments and learn how they behave when they’re out of their comfort zone.

If he asks you to do an activity out of your comfort zone on the third date, it’s a pretty good sign that physical intimacy is on his mind. However, you don’t want to set your expectations too high because it can be a turn-off for some women if they feel pressured to become intimate before they’re ready.

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A guy who respects his date and knows who she is should be willing to let her decide when she’s ready for sex. It doesn’t have to be on the third date, but it shouldn’t be too long before a man makes a move.

2. You’re starting to get close

By the third date, you’ve gotten to know each other enough that there might be some real chemistry. It’s possible you’re both flirting with each other and having some really great conversations. You might even start to make inside jokes, and overall you’re probably laughing more than you were on the first two dates.

Depending on your comfort levels, the third date may be the time when you begin to kiss each other or hold hands. It’s a natural progression and a sign that you both feel like there might be more than just friendship between you. Of course, you shouldn’t feel obligated to do this if you aren’t comfortable yet.

At this stage, you might also begin to think about sex. Sometimes, this happens naturally and you and your date have a great sexy moment on the third date. Other times, it doesn’t happen, and she starts to get the idea that you’re not into her at all. This can be especially hard if you’ve been friends before, and she remembers you speaking about other people that you have the hots for. Be sure to keep this in mind when planning your third date, and don’t push sexy talk too soon. It’s not a guarantee that the relationship will last, and it will only cause stress if you try to force a sexy moment.

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3. You’re deciding if you want to see each other again

The third date is also when people start to place more meaning on the date, as if it’s a make-or-break point. Whether that means it’s when you decide to introduce your new date to your friends and family or become Facebook official, the third date has become a kind of benchmark for how serious you are in the relationship.

For some, this may mean that sex is on the agenda. Men have long been led to believe that a good third date is when they’re expected to make a move for physical intimacy. This can put a lot of pressure on women, as it feels like they have to be intimate by a certain date or they’re not good enough for their partner.

Ultimately, it should be up to you and your date whether or not you want to take things further. Our third date tips will help you make things more comfortable and assess where your relationship is going, but there’s no set timeline for when you’ll know if someone is the one.

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Instead, try to enjoy your time together and be patient with the process. For some, the chemistry will develop quickly, while for others it may take more dates before they feel comfortable being intimate. Don’t rush it and risk making a mistake that could have lasting consequences for your relationship.

4. You’re deciding if you want to get serious

The third date is the point where you’ll start to consider whether you want to see your date on a regular basis. This is a huge step for many people, especially if the first two dates weren’t great. However, it’s important not to put too much importance on the third date. Placing too much meaning on it can lead you to either become too invested in someone or, on the flip side, give up on them too quickly. Instead, keep it casual and go with the flow of what feels right.

For most women, the third date is the time when they decide whether they’re ready to get serious. They’ve got a good idea of what they like and don’t like about their partner, and have started to get closer to them. This can be a scary step, and it’s important to take it slow.

This is also the time when they’re going to start talking about the big stuff – religion, careers, kids, politics, etc. These are all things that could make or break a relationship, so it’s crucial to not rush it and be completely honest about what you want.