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How to Confirm a Date Over Text

Confirming a date over text is a crucial skill to have, but it can be tricky to do without sounding desperate. Here are a few tips on how to do it right.

Remember to keep it short and fun, but also direct. This way, she will have an easy time letting you know whether or not the date is still on.

1. Assume the Best

A lot of people have a hard time believing that they can confirm a date over text. They feel that it’s too forward or that they are just being too eager. But the truth is, confirming a date over text is actually really important. It prevents miscommunication and allows both parties to feel more confident about their plans.

In addition, it also gives the person an opportunity to ask any questions that they may have before the date. It’s much easier to do that over text than in-person, so it’s a great way to alleviate any doubts before the big day. It’s also a good idea to save any bigger topics for in-person, as that will make the conversation more natural and less forced.

Another thing to keep in mind when confirming a date over text is that it’s best to do it the night before or at least mid-morning the day of. It gives the person plenty of time to respond, and it’s not as rushed or inconvenient as asking on the day of.

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If you don’t want to over-do it, just send a simple, “Hey stranger, are we still on for tomorrow at 6?” It’s easy enough to get her excited about the date without sounding needy or desperate. In fact, this is an excellent way to show that you are confident and upbeat, which is a positive vibe that will help set the tone for your date.

2. Send It Mid-Morning or the Night Before

It’s not a bad idea to text your date a day or two before the event just to confirm. However, doing so a few times too many can come off as needy and desperate. You want to make it seem casual and as if you are simply checking in on the details.

A simple: “Is this still on for Friday?” will suffice. This also gives her the opportunity to let you know if she would rather reschedule or if she is free to meet at the time you have set aside.

This is a much better option than simply sending a quick: “Are you still on for dinner and a movie?” It shows that you value her time and are respectful of her response.

You should always try to keep the conversation light, especially if you are just checking in on the details of your date. This way, you will be more likely to avoid her rescheduling or ghosting you.

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3. Keep It Short

There are several ways to confirm a date over text that will not make you seem needy or desperate. One is simply to ask them if the date is still on. This is simple and straightforward, and will let them know that you are serious about the date.

Another option is to send them a text that lets them know that the date is still on but also lets them know that you are flexible and understanding. This can be done by adding something like, “If you can’t make it tonight, I totally understand. Just give me a call tomorrow and we can reschedule.”

It is also important to keep your text short and fluff-free. Long drawn-out paragraphs are never a good idea, but they are even worse when you are trying to confirm a date over text. Try to keep your text to the point and avoid any extra information that is not necessary.

Finally, you can also use the “one strike and you’re out” rule when confirming a date over text. This means that you will only text them about the date once. If they reply, great; if they don’t, then it is probably best to move on. This will prevent you from overthinking the situation and putting too much pressure on yourself to make the date happen.

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4. Be Direct

Ideally, you should send your date a text to confirm your plans the day before or at least the night before. This gives her enough time to get psyched up and show up for the date on time, while also giving you an opportunity to address any questions or concerns she might have.

If you want to be extra proactive, you can try saying something like “I’ll be at the old music shop downtown at seven tonight if you’re still up for it.” This is a nice way of letting her know that you’re thinking about her, and also reminding her of the details of your date.

It’s important to remember that no matter how positive you are about your date, there is always a possibility that she might change her mind. If you have a positive mindset, you’ll accept this gracefully and respectfully and will let her know that you’d love to hang out at some other point in the future.

If you find yourself feeling desperate, it’s a good idea to avoid asking her directly whether or not she’d like to hang out again – this can come across as pushy and needy. Instead, try using one of the other techniques we mentioned to confirm your date over text without coming off as frantic. Exuding confidence is the best way to make sure that your date takes you seriously and doesn’t play mind games with you.