Low-Angle Shot of a Man Giving a Woman a Bouquet of Flowers

What to Give a Woman on a First Date

Women love to receive compliments on their looks, particularly from men they’re interested in. However, bragging isn’t a good idea on the first date, and downplaying accomplishments can be off-putting.

Also, avoid discussing exes on the first date. It can be awkward for your date and may suggest you have unresolved feelings.

1. Flowers

A small, sweet bouquet of flowers is a simple way to show your date that you care. Pink orchids are a great choice because they symbolize purity, femininity, and happiness.

If you don’t want to give her a rose because they symbolize love and lust, try something more unique like daisies. They have a playful charm that shows your date you share her optimistic, youthful perspective on life and love. You can also try tulips or lilies to show her your refined side. Lilies are a symbol of royalty, and they can make her feel special.

2. Chocolates

As a general rule, physical gifts are not a good idea on the first date. Save them for when you’ve established a connection and know that the other person is worth the effort.

Bringing her something can come off as clingy or desperate. Instead, consider a gift of your time. Be punctual, as this shows that your date is important to you and that you value her presence. She will appreciate it more than you know! Also, avoid discussing your exes on the first date. This can be awkward and confusing for her.

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3. Jewellery

If you’re dating a girl who likes jewelry, buying her a trinket is a great way to impress her on the first date. However, avoid overly expensive items that will make you seem desperate and showy.

Another great gift idea is a box of chocolates. This is a sweet and thoughtful gesture that shows that you care about her. It also makes her feel special and will remind her of your date long after the date is over.

4. Wine

A bottle of wine is a great gift for a first date. It shows that you are thoughtful and that you are interested in getting to know her better.

Avoid curse words and negative comments about others on your first date. While it is fine to disagree with her on some topics, cursing every other word and talking badly about other people will not make you look good.

Always arrive at your dates on time. This is a big deal and will help build trust. It also sets a positive tone for the rest of the date.

5. Tickets to a show

As a general rule, you should avoid giving a woman gifts on your first date. However, bringing her something thoughtful can be an excellent icebreaker and show her that you’re interested in getting to know her.

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Consider making her a homemade meal, or learn how to do a tik-tok dance for your date. Being punctual will also impress her, as she’ll know that you value her time. And, of course, be ready to have some fun! Be sure to check out our list of first date ideas for more inspiration.

6. Movies

While it is not always possible to know what a girl likes before a first date, there are certain gifts that are considered safe. These are sure to impress her and will make her want to see you again.

La La Land is a beautiful musical about a jazz musician and aspiring actress who fall in love with each other despite their differences. The film is bound to spark conversation and features stunning ’60s fashion, soothing jazz tunes, and beautiful cinematography. It’s a tearjerker, but it’s also uplifting.

7. Concerts

It’s easy to get caught up in wanting to impress her on a first date, but don’t go so overboard that you seem desperate or try to woo her with material goods. It can make her feel uncomfortable and may backfire.

Instead, try bringing a fun, unexpected gift that shows you care and can give her something to look forward to on future dates. Here are a few ideas:

8. Concert tickets

A little bit of thoughtfulness can go a long way on a first date. Bringing a small gift shows that you thought of her and may make her feel special and set you apart from other suitors.

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Try wrapping a pair of concert tickets in an old velvet jewelry box or a ring box. She’ll be surprised and excited to open it. It will also be a great conversation starter. Make sure to include a few snacks as well! Then you’ll have something to share while you enjoy the show together.

9. Tickets to a sporting event

Bringing a small gift for your date is a nice way to show that you care. However, don’t go overboard or you may come off as desperate.

Avoid topics that are too personal, such as her sexual preferences or past relationships. Also, save sensitive subjects like religious beliefs and politics for a later date. Also, avoid questions that are too cliché, such as, “Where do you work?” or “What do you do for fun?”. These questions can be a bit repetitive and boring for both of you.

10. Concert tickets

A girl can definitely appreciate a thoughtful gift, but overdoing it can seem forced, awkward or desperate. It may also make her feel like you are trying to impress her or that you’re not over your ex.

Try to avoid asking her about her past relationships or personal struggles. These subjects are best saved for later dates. Similarly, questions about her career or hobbies can become repetitive and boring after a while. Try to keep the conversation interesting and engaging by varying your questions. This will also help you learn more about her.