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What to Bring a Guy on a First Date

Getting the right gift on a first date can make or break the whole experience. Gifts can be practical, whimsical, funny, or even edible!

Knowing a bit about your date’s hobbies can help you select the perfect gift. For example, if they love origami, a pack of colorful paper would be a thoughtful and interesting gift.


Bringing flowers on a first date shows you’re thoughtful and romantic. They’re also a great way to set the mood of your date, so try to match the flower with their personality. For example, if they’re old-fashioned and charming, red roses are a classic. But if they’re free-wheeling and adventurous, cottage garden flowers like sweet peas, lavender or phlox might be more fitting.

If you’re unsure about the person’s flower preferences or allergies, ask a mutual friend or discreetly do some research online to find out what their favorites are. You can also go for a flower with a more unique meaning, such as tulips or orchids.

Besides roses, peonies are another popular choice because they symbolize romance and admiration. They have a beautiful fragrance and come in many colors, so you can choose one that suits your date’s style. Lilies are another good option because they represent new beginnings and enchantment.


A small box of candy is a great way to make your date smile and show you care. Whether you get him a sweet treat like gummies or his favorite candy bar, this is a great first date gift idea that will show you’re paying attention to what he likes.

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A bottle of wine is another classic first date gift. This is a great option if you’ve been dropping hints that your date enjoys wine or it’s the season for vino. It’s also a nice gesture that doesn’t feel overly intimate or personal for a first date.

A watch is another good first date gift that shows you’re thoughtful. This watch is simple enough to wear on a first date and has a minimalist design that will keep him stylish. You can also get him a pair of stylish sunglasses. These polarized sunglasses are trendy and will protect his eyes from the sun during their date.

Bottle Opener

Bringing a bottle opener on a first date is a surefire way to make your date feel special. The gift will be used throughout the course of the evening and your date will think of you every time they use it.

Most people know the typical questions that go on first dates like, “Where do you work?” or, “What’s your favorite book?” While those are important to ask, they can also get boring and repetitive after a while. Adding some unique questions to your list will help you get to know your date on a deeper level.

Besides the gifts you bring to your date, other things that can make or break the night are your manners and the quality of your conversation. You should always show respect to your date and listen to them carefully. If you follow all these tips, your date will be happy with the way the night went and hopefully want to see you again.

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A candle is a great gift that shows your date you care. It’s also a simple and cheap option.

A book is another classic first-date gift. However, you should only choose this if you know your date is an avid reader. Otherwise, it may come off as creepy or inappropriate.

It’s a bad idea to bring overly romantic gifts on your first date. Even if you have an idea of what your date likes, it’s better to stick with smaller, cheaper gifts. Doing so will ensure that your date does not feel overwhelmed by the gift and you will be able to keep things light and enjoyable throughout the night. Additionally, it’s important to limit touching during the first date. Touching should be natural, friendly and warm — not sexual. A girl can tell if you’re nervous or acting insecure. Giddiness does not read as enthusiasm and will likely send her running for the hills.

Car Cleaning Supplies

When it comes to a first date, appearances matter. Showing up in a dirty car doesn’t exactly scream romantic and may put a damper on your evening together.

Luckily, you can make a huge impact with a little bit of extra preparation. By purchasing a set of car cleaning supplies, you can help your date keep their ride looking as clean as possible and avoid any unpleasant surprises in the future.

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A guy who is a true gearhead will appreciate this gift. This kit comes with everything they need to wipe down their car and make it sparkle, and a set of microfiber cloths will help them get the job done. If you aren’t sure what scent your date likes, this kit comes with a variety of options so they can find one that suits them. You can also buy a car air freshener to give them an additional pop of smelly goodness when they’re in their vehicle.

Microfiber Cloths

If you know your date to be a gearhead, a set of microfiber cloths is a useful gift idea. These towels are machine washable, anti-microbial, and reusable. The microfiber fabric also prevents lint residue from forming after washing. Additionally, this product has a reinforced weave pattern that improves durability.

If your date loves to read, you can make them feel special by bringing them a book they have been talking about a lot lately. Bookworms cherish book gifts because they consider them invaluable.

If your first date plans to go out to a restaurant, you can surprise them with a cute burger holder that can be used in place of wax paper or tinfoil. This handy tool is also microwave-safe, making it a convenient addition to your dinnerware collection. It also features a minimalist design and is available in multiple colors. This is a perfect gift idea for men that will show your date how thoughtful you are.