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How Long Can Sperm Be Frozen?

Men who are considering a vasectomy or have medical treatments that may affect their fertility often choose to freeze their semen. Frozen sperm can last a long time if stored…

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What Does Sperm Smell Like?

The scent of your semen can vary depending on your diet, hygiene, and general health. Foul-smelling semen may be an indicator of damage or infection in the reproductive organs. Healthy…

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How Do Sperm Donors Work?

Becoming pregnant with donor sperm is much more successful when the woman is younger and has no prior fertility problems. It is also helpful if the couple or individual is…

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How to Be a Sperm Donor

If you’re using sperm donation to start a family, choosing the right donor is an important step. Not only do you want to choose someone who shares your desired traits,…

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