Man Looking Through A Microscope

How to Eject Sperm For Test

For the test to be accurate, the semen sample needs to be collected quickly and kept at body temperature. This can be done by masturbating into a special cup. During…

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water droplets on clear glass

Why is My Sperm Watery?

Normally, semen is a thick, white liquid that contains both fluids and sperms. However, certain body conditions can cause it to look watery. Frequent masturbation, for example, can make your…

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How to Correct Sperm Morphology

A man must have healthy sperm morphology to successfully impregnate a woman. While a man’s sperm morphology might be problematic, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will take longer to…

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How Much Protein Loss in Sperm?

Protein is important to sperm because it is responsible for cellular metabolism and protein assembly. It is also involved in acrosome formation. In one study, rams grazing a high-protein diet…

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