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Is it Normal to Pee When You Orgasm?

During orgasms, the genitals often spasm strongly and this can sometimes cause urination. Urination during orgasm is also known as coital incontinence and it may be a symptom of an overactive bladder.

Feeling the need to pee during orgasm is normal and not dangerous. But if you routinely defer your urges, this could lead to damage to your urinary tract and pelvic floor muscles.

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It is more common than many people expect to pee during sex, and it’s not something that should destroy sexual desire or make us feel unattractive. There are some things you can do to minimize this issue, including urinating before sex and doing kegel exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

In some cases, a woman’s body will mistake the fluid she releases during an orgasm for urine. This is known as a peegasm, and it’s totally normal. A 2011 study found that the fluid females release during orgasm shares some biochemical similarities with watered-down urine. However, if you frequently experience this sensation of peeing during orgasm, it’s likely a sign that you’re not urinating enough on a regular basis.

Another reason you might pee during sex is that the friction of your penis or sex toy against your vagina can cause a small amount of moisture to leak out. This can also be confused with peeing, especially if you’re using lube.

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Some women experience a small dribble of urine during orgasm due to preexisting stress urinary incontinence. This type of incontinence is triggered by sexual arousal, which can cause the muscles surrounding the bladder to spasm and put pressure on the bladder. If you have this type of leaking incontinence, it may be a sign that you need to use lube during sex or treat an underlying condition.

2. It’s not

During orgasm, the genitals tend to spasm strongly. This can cause fluid to flow from the clitoris and the urethra (which connects to the bladder). This is known as female ejaculation. This can often feel like pee, but it is not urine. It’s a natural, arousing fluid that comes from the Bartholin’s glands and Skene’s glands near the clitoris — not the urethra, where pee is released.

Many people mistakenly believe that the feeling they have to pee is a precursor to orgasm. However, this is not always true. Instead, it may be a result of orgasm, and it’s often more pleasurable to wait and see if the orgasm actually happens. This way, you can enjoy the full experience of the orgasm.

Then, when the orgasm does happen, it’s even more exciting because you know the feeling is genuine. This can help build excitement for both you and your partner.

If you’re worried that you will pee during sex, talk to your doctor. You can discuss treatment options that will help you control your bladder, including medication and Kegel exercises. Kegels are a series of contractions and releases that strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. They can also help reduce the urge to pee during orgasm. You can also explore weighted vaginal cones and other products that can increase the sensation of orgasm while also helping you to control your bladder.

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3. It’s not dangerous

Women who feel like they need to pee during orgasm should not worry because it’s totally normal and healthy. In fact, it is a very pleasurable sensation. This feeling is caused by the clitoris and the urethra being very close to each other. When you have a full bladder, it pushes against those very sensitive areas and causes a tingling effect on those nerves which is extremely pleasing. It is actually a very similar feeling to when you’re holding a heavy load that suddenly drops and makes you feel relieved and relaxed.

It is not a good idea for women to try and intentionally hold in their urine during orgasms because it could lead to urinary tract infections. This is because germs can enter the urinary tract through the vulva and urethra. In addition, repeatedly delaying your pee during sex may weaken the muscles of the bladder and pelvic floor which is not something you want to do.

Men on the other hand don’t have this problem because when they are about to ejaculate, the opening of their bladder closes so that their urine does not mix with their semen. However, women who urinate frequently during orgasms should work with a doctor as it might be a sign of certain medical conditions. One of these conditions is known as coital incontinence and it is a symptom of problems with the pelvic floor muscles which help control the bladder and urethra. This condition can be treated by lifestyle changes and even surgery in serious cases.

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4. It’s not harmful

There is nothing harmful about peeing when you orgasm – but it’s not recommended that you try to deliberately pee during a sexual arousal for pleasure. Doing so increases the risk of urinary tract infections, which can be painful and dangerous. Delaying urination can also prevent the urethra and bladder from properly disinfecting themselves, which can lead to urinary leakage. This type of leakage is called coital incontinence and is a sign that you may need to seek treatment for your urinary system problems.

Women who regularly urinate during orgasm should also see a doctor because this may be a sign of an underlying condition that can be treated with medication. If you’re able to control the leakage with lubrication and practice Kegel exercises (which are contractions of the pelvic floor muscles) on a regular basis, you can significantly reduce your chances of peeing during sex.

The reason why some people experience a tingly orgasmic sensation when they urinate is that their full bladder rubs against sensitive erogenous zones, like the urethral sponge and the clitoris in men. This causes the nerves in these areas to fire off, which can cause orgasms. Likewise, women who feel the urge to pee during sex can get a similar pleasurable feeling from doing Kegel exercises before they have a sex session.