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How to Have an Orgasm in the Bath

Having an orgasm in the bath can be fun and sensual. But how do you get there?

First, don’t stress about it. Studies show that being anxious about reaching orgasm makes it harder to achieve one. Also, focusing on orgasm while masturbating or having sex can keep you in your head instead of in your body.

Getting Started

There’s nothing like a warm bath to set the mood. Add a scented candle, some massage oil or a vibrator (optional) for extra sexy points. But before you jump in, make sure that the tub, faucet and shower head are squeaky clean to avoid any infection – This piece is a distillation of the portal team’s collective wisdom Captivating Desires.

A tub full of water is a great place to try out different forms of water masturbation. The water pressure can be adjusted for intense clitoris stimulation or to pleasurably touch your G spot, which is especially arousing in some women. You can lean on the back of the tub, sit up straight or even stand in the bath — as long as it feels comfortable for you.

Alternatively, try placing something between your legs and rocking them back and forth in rhythm with the movement of the water. Some women who are unable to orgasm on their own report that this simple exercise can get the job done for them. In fact, sex therapists often direct their non-orgasmic clients to engage in this type of self-pleasure training since it can be easier to learn what turns you on without a partner around.

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For a more subtle approach to sex in the tub, try a little self-pleasure with your favorite erotic book or movie. But remember that all women are different, so what may work for one may not be the case for another.

Warming Up

The warm, soothing water can be a perfect setting for oral or finger play, especially if you have a partner. Try a face-to-face position where the receiver holds one foot on the floor of the tub and the giver gets into a kneeling or sitting position to stimulate the receiver with their tongue, hands and a water-safe toy, says White. You can also try a corkscrew stance where the receiver lies down on a shower bench facing away from the penetrating partner and then allows the giver to penetrate the clitoris from behind.

Another way to pleasure yourself in the bathtub is by using your bath pillow as a masturbation wand. Coat it with lubricant and twirl it over your clitoris while laying in the bathtub, allowing the warm water to massage the area. This simple, easy-to-master technique has led to orgasms for many women.

If you don’t have a pillow, you can try a “thumbs up” technique in which you coat your thumb with lube and twirl it inside the vagina while the shower wand is running over your clitoris. This type of stimulation doesn’t require any sex toys and can be just as, if not more, effective. The warm water and the repetitive motion can help you reach climax faster than if you were laying on your back.

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The bathroom is a great place to experiment with different positions and erogenous zones, says sexual health educator Jasmine Akins, who recommends trying a few things like angling your clitoris under the running water or using the faucet as a masturbator. “You’ll probably have more success with this if you use a silicone-based lube, as water decreases your natural lubrication,” she adds.

Akins also suggests positioning yourself so that you can be penetrated by your partner. Some couples find it more satisfying to have partnered masturbation than intercourse. That way, they can focus on pleasure in a fun and exciting new environment.

Another way to get the juices flowing is by gently stroking the clitoris and vagina. You can do this with your hand or a sex toy, but be careful not to overdo it and risk irritating the skin.

Orgasms can also be triggered by the feeling of being suspended in space. The hot tub gives you a sense of weightlessness that’s deeply erotic, says Akins.

Having fun with new techniques in the bath can give your orgasms more variety, and that means they last longer. So be patient if it takes a while to reach climax — and always remember that the sensation is totally worth it.

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Getting Out

There’s nothing more sensual than feeling weightless. The sensation is deeply erotic, and it’s something you can easily experience in the bath. Just be sure to use a towel to prevent getting wet and cold, and keep one in reserve to wrap around yourself if you want to extend your pleasure after exiting the tub.

If you have a big tub, you can experiment with a variety of positions while masturbating on your own or with a partner. Experiment with different pressure and friction to find what feels best, and don’t be afraid to get creative with your mounts. A simple touch of a nipple or penis against a surface can provide enough stimulation to trigger an orgasm, and many women find that rubbing their genitals with their partner is pleasurable, as well.

After a long day or week in the fast-paced world, bathtub sex can be a refreshing break. Make the most of it by taking a few minutes to clean your tub until it shines, playing some tunes that turn you on, lighting a few candles and preparing a glass of wine or a cocktail. You may also want to consider adding a lubricant, or turning the water up and down for added pleasure. For more tips on how to make him cum hard, give freaky oral sex and make him scream your name in bed, sign up for my private & discreet newsletter. Click here to learn more.