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How Fat Is Too Fat to Date?

There are plenty of reasons why fat women may be apprehensive about dating. Beyond the normal vexes of ghosting and navigating f**k boys, there’s also the fear of being body-shamed.

The good news is that dating as a fat person is possible. It just takes finding the right person who’s okay with you as you are.

1. You’re too fat.

When you’re a fat person, it can be hard to step into the dating world. You might be afraid of the rejection or even the fat-shaming. Or, you might think that no one will want to date you until you lose weight.

This is a sad reality for many people, but it can be especially devastating for fat women. They already deal with the normal pitfalls of dating like being ghosted or having to navigate f**k boys, and then they have to face fatphobia on top of that.

Recently, TikTok user Kailee Ross posted a video about her experience with a Tinder date who told her she was too fat for him. Her viewers have rallied to support her. The world needs more representation of what dating in 2022 looks like, and that starts with recognizing when someone is not accepting of fat people.

2. You’re too skinny.

When you use a dating app, you typically choose flattering pictures and write a positive description of yourself. But it’s not uncommon for someone to make a judgment call about your weight based on the first few seconds of interaction with them.

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Often, those judgment calls are made by guys who think that they have the right to be rude and unkind to women. A recent viral TikTok video from Kailee Ross (@kailzbailz) describes the experience of one such guy, who told her she was “too fat” within minutes of meeting him.

It’s hard enough to navigate the normal vexes of dating, but when you add a layer of being dehumanized for your body size, it can feel nearly impossible. That’s why it’s important to surround yourself with people who will support you and uplift you no matter what size you are.

3. You’re too tall.

Fat women face a lot of challenges in the dating world. From navigating f**k boys to getting ghosted, there are plenty of obstacles that come with being a plus-size woman trying to find love.

Unfortunately, even when women put their best foot forward and work up the courage to step into the dating scene, they still have to deal with rejection and fat shaming. This is particularly true if they go out on dates where the man tells them that they’re too fat for him.

In a viral TikTok video, Kailee Ross (@kailzbailz) discusses her experience with this very scenario. Viewers have rallied around her to call out her date and show him that she is not too fat for any man. Besides, looks are just one aspect of a person’s personality.

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4. You’re too short.

You might not realize it, but fat people are just as subject to the normal dating vexes as anyone else. Getting ghosted, dealing with f**k boys, and navigating sexist stereotypes are all part of the territory.

Even if you’ve posted flattering photos and a great description, your weight can still be a factor. It’s a fact that most people see a picture before they read your description on dating apps.

And if you’re a plus-size person, that may mean your face is buried in the corner of the frame or that the picture doesn’t show your full figure. And that can have a serious impact on your date experience. That’s because we live in a world where body shame is the norm. We need to change that.

5. You’re too old.

Many people are hesitant to date, especially if they believe they don’t meet society’s expectations for an attractive person. For fat people, this fear can be even greater because they face additional issues like body shaming and low self-esteem.

This year, the internet rallied behind a woman who posted a TikTok video about her experience dating a man who told her she was too fat within minutes of meeting her. The clip, which has now gone viral, has received over 748,000 views and 94,000 likes.

Unfortunately, this story isn’t uncommon for fat women who are in the midst of getting to know someone. It’s just a sad reminder that we aren’t seen as enough. And that needs to change. For everyone. Now. The time to end fatphobia in dating is now.

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6. You’re too young.

If you’re a fat woman, dating can be a lot of work. It’s hard enough to deal with the normal vexes of dating like ghosting and navigating f**k boys, but when you add in the stigma that comes along with being fat (or any marginalized identity), things can get even more stressful.

In a recent TikTok video, Kailee Ross (@kailzbailz) talked about her experience with a Tinder date who told her she was too fat within minutes of meeting her. The video quickly went viral, with viewers rallying behind Ross to call the man out on his narcissism. The whole episode is a reminder that fat people face a lot of challenges in the dating world, and that’s why we need more representation of thriving fat people in media.

7. You’re too fat.

Many plus-size women apprehensively enter the dating world, fearful of rejection or abuse. Even if we manage to navigate the normal pitfalls of dating (being ghosted, dealing with f**k boys) fatphobia adds a layer of dehumanization and oppression.

Having a dating profile with full body pictures and a positive description of ourselves can help but there’s no denying that some people have an immediate judgment about our weight. In a viral TikTok video, Kailee Ross (@kailzbailz) explains that her date told her she was too fat to be his girlfriend within minutes of meeting her.

This is just one example of why it’s important to remember that size is only a small part of who you are. People are attracted to confidence, humor, kindness, empathy and manners, not looks alone.